Revamping Your System

Turn to us for butt fusion, electrofusion and other services in Altus, Indiahoma or Lawton, OK

Do you need new joinings in Altus, Indiahoma or Lawton, OK? Turn to Integrity Construction Services for butt fusion, electrofusion or HDPE pipe fusion services. Pipe fusion welding allows a welder to join two plastic pipes through the use of fusion welding machines. During this process, heat is applied to specially prepped pipe ends which are then forced together to create a permanent bond.

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What we offer

To best meet your needs, we offer a variety of fusion services. Our services include:

  • Butt fusion - applying heat to clean, prepped pipes and joining them together
  • Electrofusion - joining prefabricated fittings by using an electrical coil to deliver heat
  • HDPE pipe fusion - using an HDPE conduit to join another conduit or fitting using a variety of processes

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